It's all in the details so get ready to instantly upgrade your look the House of Belle way with our collection of accessories that include stunning head pieces, skin caring self tan, premium false lashes & gorgeous contour & bronzing kits.  

The Belle Blowout

Dark brown & toffee 4/27Magnum brown 6Cocoa brown 2/30Auburn 26/30Warm chestnut 8Mocha brown 4aEspresso 18/14Jet black 2Naturelle black 1bAutumn blonde 18h24Bright golden blonde 24/613Bright blonde 614h21Ash blonde 18/22Caramel blonde 27/613La blonde 613Moet blonde 613/18Beach blonde 613/16Strawberry blonde 12

The Power Pony

Dark brown & toffee 4/27Cocoa brown 2/30Warm chestnut 8Mocha brown 4Bright golden blonde 24/613Caramel blonde 18/24Ice blonde 60Beach blonde 613/16Magnum brown 6

The Pretty Polly Pony

Dark brown & toffee 4/27Bleach blonde 60